From a young age, three passions guided me on this captivating journey: piano, watercolor, and modding video games. These seemingly disparate interests found common ground in my eventual career in Game Audio, a realm that encapsulates creativity, Technology, and storytelling.

What excited me the most about modding was building new worlds and gameplay features and having fun tweaking things to see what happens. I spent most of my childhood building and scripting a player-controlled flying moon fortress in Morrowind. This is how my passion for game development started.

In my second passion – piano, I couldn’t focus on the lesson’s material because all I wanted to do was to compose music and experiment. With time I learned that more than motivation is needed. Tremendous amounts of practice are required to achieve competence and excellence.

With my third passion – watercolor, I painted environments for later building via modding. Although it stayed as a hobby, it taught me conceptualization.

I understood that to pursue all three interests, I would have to find what mutual feelings they caused inside me that would become a guiding light. I had three rabbits, and I needed a hat. I dreamed of a career that would use all three of them. Fortunately, a solution came to my mind during a game jam where I composed game music for 9 participant teams as a volunteer. Game Audio career was a way to go.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to study in Berklee Valencia with a full scholarship from the Georgian Government where I recived the master degree in Scoring for Films and Video Games.

After graduation, I returned to my country, where working on music for commercials, games and movies taught me a lot about creative production under pressure and meeting client expectations. 

I got lucky to meet some great people along the way, for whom I am very grateful. All these things set me in the right direction and helped me practice my craft.

I was ready to return to what I deeply love: Game Audio. 

Today, I spearhead the Game Audio division of POSTRED, a team that thrives on innovation and well-thought experiments. We work on unique projects across genres and platforms, from indie to AAA games.

Central to my work is the passion for combining technology, culture, and creative innovation. Recently recognised as a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Technology, this accolade is an honor and a responsibility. It validates our team’s efforts and fuels my determination to continue pushing the boundaries of Technology, creativity, and cultural integration. 

Nurturing emerging talent and witnessing their growth has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my journey, thats why I teach in POSTRED Academy where we find young emergent talents with a spark.

Every connection, collaboration, and conversation contributes to my story as I navigate this exciting path. I am immensely grateful for each one.