Three passions from my childhood helped me get on the journey I’m on now: piano, watercolor, and modding video games.

What excited me the most about modding was building new worlds and gameplay features and having fun tweaking things to see what happens. I spent most of my childhood building and scripting a player-controlled flying moon fortress. This is how my passion for game development started.

In my second passion – piano, I couldn’t focus on the lesson’s material because all I wanted to do was to compose music and experiment. With time I learned that more than motivation is needed. Tremendous amounts of practice are required to achieve competence and excellence.

With my third passion – watercolor, I painted environments for later building via modding. Although it stayed as a hobby, it taught me conceptualization.

I understood that to pursue all three interests, I would have to find what mutual feelings they caused inside me that would become a guiding light. I had three rabbits, and I needed a hat. I dreamed of a career that would use all three of them. Fortunately, a solution came to my mind during a game jam where I composed game music for 9 participant teams as a volunteer. Game Audio career was a way to go.

I got lucky to meet some great people along the way, for whom I am very grateful. One of them is Beso Kacharava, who founded POSTRED – the biggest post-production company in Georgia, Europe. Beso is an outstanding sound designer with a unique vision and portfolio – HBO’s EUPHORIA is one of them. Beso became my friend and mentor; he helped me shape my path to Game Audio.

Later I got lucky again and went to Berklee with a full scholarship from the Georgian Government to study master’s in Scoring for Films and Video Games; I am incredibly grateful for this. After graduation, I returned to my country, where I worked on music for over 200 commercials, 12 games, 2 TV series seasons & 4 movies with a fantastic composer Zviad Mgebry at POSTRED. For three years, this taught me a lot about writing music under pressure and meeting client expectations. I was ready to return to what I deeply love: Game Audio. All these things set me in the right direction and helped me practice my craft.

With Beso Kacharava, I co-lead INTERACTIVE, a Game Audio division of POSTRED. We’ve worked on many unique projects, including AAA, indie games, and audiovisual installations; we have a growing team of exceptional young professionals with a spark.